Amy’s Gift


Amy takes over the narrative as The Doomsday Kids post-apocalyptic series continues.

When a fresh catastrophe destroys the Mountain Place’s supplies, the kids have little choice but to leave, seeking out a Survivors Camp on the Gulf of Mexico eight hundred miles away. When their transportation fails, they will have to walk. Starvation and dehydration are their constant companions, and the physical limitations of the weakest of their number add difficulty to their journey. While scavenging the remains of the cities and towns not destroyed by the bombs, they’ll reunite with unexpected characters from their past and discover that the apocalypse has created all kinds of strange dystopian communities. Some are dangerous and some are benign—but all threaten group’s effort to reach their destination. When Amy reveals her deepest secret, she sets off a chain-reaction that will either be the kids’ greatest hope… or will cause them to go their separate ways.

Amy’s Gift is the fourth book in The Doomsday Kids series.

NARRATED BY: Amy and featuring Liam, Nester, Amaranth, Elise, Katie, Marty and Jax.


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