Nester’s Mistake


After their perilous escape from the wreckage of Washington, DC the surviving kids reach the Mountain Place, only to find their troubles have just begun. Fifteen-year-old Nester Bartlett’s biggest worries had been growing up black in America… until a nuclear apocalypse changed all of the rules he lived by. Now, instead of getting good grades and struggling against the negative stereotypes against African American men, he’s fighting just to stay alive.

A 21st century nerd who excelled at robotics and science, Nester finds himself thrown into a lifestyle his great-great grandfather might have understood— tending animals, maintaining fires and guarding their safe house from intruders. Angry, confused and grieving, Nester must find a way to put aside his feelings to care for the other Doomsday Kids, most of whom are too sick or traumatized to care for themselves. Then, as nuclear winter sweeps over them killing crops and animals, a medical emergency forces Nester to make a heartbreaking choice that shatters their little community and alters their hopes for survival forever.

This is the second book in The Doomsday Kids series.

NARRATED BY: Nester and featuring Nate, Liam, Amy, Rod, Elise and Amaranth.

REVIEWS for Nester’s Mistake

…Character and plot are both real strengths in this story… Each of these kids have something to offer the group and they soon learn to rely on each other.” -BuriedUnderBooks Blog

If you’re an apocalypse junkie, who gets wrapped up in the “what-ifs” from the safety of your armchair, hang on tight, this ride is emotional, daring and proof that youth can rise to the challenge when one least expects it!”–Tome Tender Blog

Highly recommended for middle-school and teen readers and anyone else who enjoys apocalyptic fiction.” – Kathryn’s Shelf Full of Books Blog