Meet The Kids


Liam Harper
Age: 15
Son of a military veteran and survivalist, Liam always thought his father’s disaster-preparedness bordered on the fanatical. Can he remember enough of what his father tried to teach him to keep the others alive?


Lilly Harper
Age: 10
Born with Down’s Syndrome, Lilly has never let her disability stop her. She can shoot as well as Liam and isn’t afraid to tell the truth—no matter what. Her faith in her big brother gives the others hope. Can her gentle spirit survive in a harsh new world?


Amaranth Jones
Age: 15
Most people see Amaranth as a troubled foster kid with a bad reputation, but Liam considers her to be something much more. Self-reliant and canny, Amaranth has learned a unique set of survival skills to get through life…but are they any good in the world after the apocalypse?



Elise Gomez
Age: 8
Since her mother was recently deported back to El Salvador, Elise has been alone and scared. Shy and more comfortable speaking Spanish than English, Elise has trouble communicating with the others. Can she trust these strangers now that there’s no one else left?


Rod Wasserman
Age: 15
A popular jock in his life before the bombs, Rod was used to having everything his way. Can he accept his new role in life after the Apocalypse, or will his arrogance cost the group their survival?


Amy Yamamoto
Age: 15
Vain and pretty, on the surface Amy seems to be Rod’s perfect match. But Amy has hidden skills that the group will desperately need in order to survive…if she can rise above the depths of her grief long enough to use them


Nester Bartlett
Age: 15
An awkward science geek determined to rise above the negative stereotypes against African American men, Nester has survived by dreaming of the day when his hard work would bring him the kind of success and acceptance high school denied him. But when the bombs end all hope of that future, will his complicated relationship with his half-brother Nate cost him his sanity?


Nate Bartlett
Age: 13
A video game hero and fast-food junkie, Nate is typical of many teens of the 21st century: chubby and out of shape. With his electrical devices useless and food scarce, can Nate rise above the complaints of his body to find the real life hero inside?


Katie Allard
Age: 12
Born in poverty in the West Virginia mountains, Katie and her twin brother Marty are used to a simple life, living off the land. When she’s suddenly surrounded by better-educated kids who have lived a more affluent lifestyle, will her insecurities overwhelm her confidence?


Marty Allard
Age: 12
Born with a genetic disorder that has slowed his growth, Marty is a twelve-year-old who is often mistaken for a much younger boy because of his size. Can he rise above his physical limitations to protect his twin sister Katie from the threats coming at them from all sides?


Jax DeLuca
Age: 17
Tormented with survivor’s guilt, Jax runs away from a strange commune to join the Doomsday kids. Secretive and distrusted by the others, can Jax prove he’s one of them before it’s too late?



Samir Khalid
Age: 17
One of the few left of a troop of survivors whose travels together ended in bloodshed, Samir has history with the other kids that will make it difficult for him to ever earn their trust. But when he unites with them against a common enemy he has the chance to prove himself anew. Will he rise to the challenge?